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Industry's Most Compact All-In-One AC Powered Actuators 

By combining the latest electronic power technology with advanced thermal management modeling technology, Exlar's has set a new benchmark for electric actuator performance versus size. The  Tritex IITM Series actuators integrate an AC powered servo drive, digital position controller, and brushless motor in one elegant, compact, sealed package. Now you can distribute motion control and solve your application with one integrated device. Simply connect AC power, I/O, communications and go!

Dramatically Reduce Space Requirements

Tritex II electric actuators are the highest power density, smallest footprint servo drive devices on the market. The space previously consumed by panel mount servo drives and motion controllers is no longer needed. Tritex II actuators may also reduce the size of your machine deign while offering significant reliability improvement.

Reduce Costs

Because the new AC powered Tritex II houses the servo drive and digital positioner all in one convenient package, you eliminate the labor costs for mounting and wiring the panels. Cable costs are also significantly reduced by eliminating the need for expensive, high-maintenance specialty servo cables. All that is required is an economical standard AC power cord, and standard communication cable for digital and analog I/O.

Also eliminated are the issues associated with power signals and feedback signals traveling long distances from servo drive to servo motor. With the Tritex II, the servo drive and motor are always integrated in the same housing.

No Compromises on Power, Performance or Reliability

With continuous torques to 95 lbf-in the AC Tritex II linear actuators also offer a benefit that no other integrated product offers - POWER! No longer are you limited to trivial amounts of torque, or speeds so slow that many motion applications are not possible. And the new Tritex II with AC power electronics operates with maximum reliability over a broad range of ambient temperatures; -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C.
The AC powered Tritex II actuators contain a 1.5 kW servo amplifier and a very capable motion controller. With standard features such as analog following for position, compound moves, move chaining and individual force/torque control for each move, the Tritex II Series is the ideal solution for most motion applications.

Rotary Applications

Tritex rotary motors and gearmotors provide high response and precise control of a rotatable shaft similar to that found in any electric motor. The difference is that with Tritex II you can program (via your PC) the rotational speed and position of the output shaft in response to external commands. For example, the motor can be commanded to rotate at a controlled velocity and precisely stop at a pre-programmed position upon receiving a command to do so. You can also program the unit to run at a preset velocity until a switch input is received or a pre-programmed torque level is produced (against a load). Alternatively, the rotary Tritex II can be set up to follow an analog signal, either voltage or current, representing torque, velocity, or position.

Signals for initiating the preprogrammed velocity and position commands come from optically isolated inputs or directly via the Modbus serial communication channel provided on each Tritex unit. Likewise, isolated output commands of the status and events allow precise coordination with your system controls or machine operator.

Optional Internal Gear Reducer

If the application requires greater torque and less speed than available with the base unit, the Tritex II is available with an integral servo grade planetary gear reducer. Gear ratios of 4:1 to 100:1 allow the power of Tritex II to be applied over a broad range of torque requirements.

Flexible Communications

Multiple feedback types, including absolute feedback, allow you to select the system that is best-suited for your application. Digital and analog I/O plus popular communication networks such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET  and CANopen allow the Tritex II to become an integral part of your control architecture or machine control processes.

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Tritex II Models

• R2M rotary motor, 75, 90 and 115 mm frame
• R2G rotary gearmotor 75, 90 and 115 mm frame

Power Requirements

• AC Power 100V - 240V, +/-10%, single phase
• Built-in AC line filter
• Connections for external braking resistor

Feedback Types

• Analog Hall
• Incremental encoder with 8192 count resolution
• Absolute Feedback

Communications & I/O

• Digital Inputs:
10 to 30 VDC opto-isolated

Digital Outputs:
30 VDC maximum, 100 mA, opto-isolated

• Analog Input AC:
0-10V or +10V

0- 0V mode, 12 bit resolution

+/- 10V mode, 12 bit resolution on 90/115 mm, 13 bit resolution on 75 mm assignable to Position, Velocit, Torque or Velocity Override commands.

• Analog Output AC:
12 bit resolution on 90/115 mm, 11 bit resolution on 75 mm

• Analog Output AC:

 4-20 mA input

16 bit resolution


Assignable to Position, Velocity or Torque commands.

4-20 mA output

12 bit resolution

Assignable to Position, Velocity, Current, Temperature, etc.

• Standard Communications:
1 RS 485 port, Modbus RTU, opto-isolated for programming, controlling and monitoring

Tritex II Agency Approvals including Hazardous Location

See the certification table below to determine what combination of options will provide the certifications your application requires.